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How to diagnose diabetic nephropathy

How to diagnose diabetic nephropathy ? It is usually based on your symptoms, your medical history and a physical exam. Symptoms of Diabetic Nephropathy...more

The Misunderstandings on Diabetic Nephropathy

Nowadays, because the life quality is much better than before, more and more people suffer from diabetes. Meanwhile, lots of complications which damage our health come with diabetes. The most serious complication is the diabetic nephropathy....more

What are the Factors of the Diabetic Nephropathy?

Diabetic Nephropathy is the most common cause of kidney failure. But I think many people know a little about the reason of diabetic nephropathy. What on earth causes Diabetic Nephropathy? This question has been asked many times. To know the ...more

Diabetic Nephropathy: Causes, Prevention and Treatment

How diabetes causes kidney disease ? The blood vessels in kidneys help filter wastes from blood. If blood sugar level is not controlled well, high blood sugar can destroy these blood vessels. As to diabetes it mainly damage blood capillarie...more

How to Prolong the Life Expectancy on Diabetic Nehropathy Naturally

Are your tired with dialysis? Dose kidney transplant scared you? There is solution. The natural treatment can help you avoid dialysis and kidney transplant as well as improve life expectancy on Diabetic Nephropathy. As the kidney disease pr...more

How to Improve 20% Kidney Function on Diabetic Nephropathy Naturally

Improving kidney function on Diabetic Nephropathy may be a dream for people with Diabetic Nephropathy. Can kidney function really improved ? And how to improve kidney function on Diabetic Nephropathy? The protein that we eat will process in...more

Diabetic Nephropathy

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