Get Out of the Dialysis for the Stage 4 CKD Patients with Low GFR Level

As we know, there are five stage of the CKD , and the stage 4 CKD is a so serious stage for the patients. The patients in stage 4 CKD always have a low GFR level, so they choose to do the dialysis. However, they want to get out of the dialy...more

How to Calm Down Itching for Dialysis Patients Naturally

The itching is so tiresome and it is also one of the symptoms of the dialysis. So the kidney disease patients with dialysis eager to know how to calm down itching naturally. Read the following information, you may find the answer. Why the d...more

Why the Stage 4 CKD Patients Suffer from the Fever During the Dialysis

Most of the stage 4 CKD patients complained that they suffer from the fever during the dialysis, which aggravate the pains of the dialysis. They eager to know the factors and the treatments for the fever during the dialysis. So you can read...more

End Stage Renal Failure without the Dialysis

As we all know, the dialysis is always be used to deal with the kidney disease. While, in view of the side effects of the dialysis, most of the kidney disease patients reject to do the dialysis. Do you know, what would be happen if the end...more

Replaced Treatment of Dialysis to Deal with PKD with Gout

When the patients are not lucky to get the PKD , there will a lot of the painful symptoms accompany them, for example the gout. However, most of the PKD patients reject to do the dialysis . Beside the dialysis, is there any replaced treatme...more

Can a Low GFR Be Reversed without Dialysis for CKD Patients

As we all know, the GFR is an important sign of the kidney function. And when the patients are diagnosed with the CKD , that means their GFR are decline a lot. And the CKD patients eager to know, can the low GFR be reversed without the dial...more

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