What Does 17% Use of Kidney Function Mean for the CKD Patients with Dialysis

If the doctors told the CKD patients, there is only 17% use of the kidney function remained, what does it mean to the CKD patients with the dialysis? I think you are eager to know the answer to this question. Now I will share the answer wit...more

What Will Help Eliminate Kidney Cysts without the Dialysis for the PKD Patients

The most obvious feature of the PKD is the cysts covering on the surface of the kidney. So it is a key for the PKD patients to eliminate the cysts. While do you know what will help eliminate kidney cysts without the dialysis for the PKD pat...more

How to Improve GFR without the Dialysis for CKD Patients

The Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) is an obvious sign of the CKD. And the GFR is lower, the CKD is more serious. So it is necessary for the CKD patients to improve the GFR level. However, they want to know how to improve the GFR without t...more

How to Bring Kidney Function Back for the PKD Patients with Dialysis

When The PKD patients are suggested to do the dialysis, that means a lot of the kidney function of them are loosed. So they try their best to find the effective therapy to bring the kidney function back. Why the dialysis cant bring the kidn...more

Dialysis Required on What Cretainine Level for the Kidney Failure Patients

Most of the kidney failure patients may face to the dialysis, because the dialysis do can help them relieve some harmful waste out of the body. While, some of them are confused of on what cretainine level they require to do the dialysis. Re...more

Why Kidney Failure Patients Stop Outputting Urine after the Dialysis

Some kidney failure patients fell so confusion, become they find that they stop outputting urine after the dialysis. They want to know why, become it is so serious for them to stop the urine. Now let’s discus this question....more

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