Can dialysis help to lower high creatinine level once and forever

Dialysis is considered it can lower high creatinine level, but some patients still have high creatinine after dialysis. So can dialysis help to lower high creatinine once and forever?...more

Is There Any Possibility for Kidney Failure Patients Shake off Dialysis

I believe patients in kidney failure 5 stage must experience many times of pain of dialysis, everytime when the pipeline inject in the blood vessels, the pain comes, the whole process of dialysis make us feel we are a dead-alive person. So...more

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Help Patients with CKD 4 Stage Avoid Dialysis

Are you still tortured by dialysis? If you are told many times by your local doctors that your kidney disease only can be controlled by dialysis? Are you forced to received this merciless fact? If there is a natural way that it can help you ...more

How to Make Dialysis Far Away From Patients with Kidney Failure 5 Stage.

Kidney is an important organ for us, it takes charge of cleaning toxins and wastes out of the blood, while for kidney failure 5 stage patients, their kidney has been damaged seriously so that it can not work normally, amounts of toxins and w...more

How to Deal with Skin-Itching Caused by Dialysis for Kidney Failure 5 Stage Patients?

Kidney failure 5 stage patients mostly have been received dialysis treatment, while one problem is that they always feel skin-itching, like almost thousands of ants in the body, it makes patients torment. So how to deal with skin-itching cau...more

Can patients with creatinine 7.1 stop dialysis

Are you still tortured by poor appetite and bad sleeping quality? Are you feel skin-itching, which like countless of ants in your body? This is all of side effects of dialysis. Do you want to stop dialysis and embrace a wonderful life again?...more

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