Chinese medicine help patients with creatinine 5.1 avoid dialysis.

Chinese medicine has about 5000 years history, profound and extensive. You might not know clear about Chinese medicine, this article will tell about the magic of chinese medicine, and how it help creatinine 5.1 patients avoid dialysis....more

How to diet for kidney failure patients in dialysis.

Actually, dialysis already clean most of toxins in the body, if you still feel uncomfortable, it might because you take wrong diet. So how to diet for kidney failure patients in dialysis?...more

Is Kidney Transplant the Best Way to Get Ride of Dialysis?

Recently, i feel fatigue, i can’t sleep well. I has been torturing by vomiting, nausea, skin itching and so on. Now, i just want to get ride of the demon dialysis! Generally, in this condition, western countries will advice to doing kidney...more

Alternative Option to Dialysis: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Like a devil, dialysis must be all kidney disease patients trouble. Its side effects such as vomiting, nausea, skin itching and so on make all patients want to die. In addition, its high cost also make most patients can’t afford. So, is th...more

Dialysis is a process for removing lots of wastes products

As a matter of fact, dialysis is a process for removing lots of wastes products and toxic substances, which makes patents live a better life. However, most of patients also experience a lot of adverse effects during the process of dialysis....more

How to Be Free of Dialysis for Kidney Failure 5 stage.

How to be free of dialysis is a question that all patients with kidney failure 5 stage want to ask. Like a nightmare, dialysis is haunting in these patients’ mind. Because side effects such as nausea,vomiting,skin itching,etc almost kill t...more

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