How to Avoid Dialysis for Patients with Chronic Kidney Failure 4 Stage.

If you are a patient with kidney failure, and your illness condition has down to 4 stage, it shows that your kidney has been damaged seriously. But it is also the best treatment chance. As long as you can achieve right treatments in time, yo...more

How to let dialysis far away from me!

Patients: i am a kidney failure patient, i feel ill for my disease, i can’t sleep well at every night, and i have no appetite. I want to die. Can you tell me how to let dialysis far away from me?...more

Leave me, dialysis! Chinese medicine help chronic kidney failure patients improve kidney function!

If you are always disgusting to dialysis and want it leave you far away? If you are torturing by dialysis again and again? if you want to get ride of it and improve your kidney function so as to gain a healthy life? If your answer is yes, yo...more

Why dialysis can not be alternated for patients with kidney failure in most of countries

Getting ride of dialysis is every patients dream. As all patients know that how torment of dialysis is! After dialysis, you might have symptoms like vomiting, nausea and skin itching and so on. These symptoms make your life in trouble and di...more

Observation of Peritoneal Dialysis Solution

Peritoneal dialysis solution is a necessary part of peritoneal dialysis treatment....more

Toxin-removing treatment help this young man get ride of dialysis

The meaning of treatment is not just make illness condition turns to be better, more important is let patients live a normal life, reducing damage to the lowest level. Today i want to tell a true story about a young man who gets ride of dial...more

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