Toxin-removing treatment help diabetic nephropathy patients got kidney function recovered

Generally, more than ten-years diabetes patients’ kidney will be damaged, which is called diabetic nephropathy, the treatment is difficult, and it is the second reason of causing to uremia....more

Toxin-removing treatment can help patient with kidney disease get ride of dialysis

Dialysis is also called artificial kidney, which can not save kidney function, it can only replace kidney to work. While long-term dialysis will damage kidney until kidney lose its function totally and kidney transplant will be the only choi...more

How to avoid dialysis for patients with CKD

Dialysis like a nightmare for all patients with kidney disease, because it not only takes much money, but also make patients torment for its side effects such as nausea and vomiting, skin itching and headache. In addition, some patients are ...more

Alternative way to dialysis -Toxin-removing treatment for purpura nephropathy patients

I believe that most patients with kidney disease have ever thought a question that is there really no way to get ride of dialysis. Is dialysis really going to with me in the rest of life. Now i want to tell all patients with kidney disease, ...more

Toxin-removing treatment, an alternative way to dialysis for patients with uremia

There are many patients achieved dialysis under their doctors suggestion, however, they do not know dialysis is not a treatment actually, it is just like an artificial kidney, which just only can alternate kidney to work, it can’t recover ...more

Avoid Dialysis with Toxin-removing Treatment for Patient with Kidney Failure

If your doctor tell you that your kidney disease just has the only choice-dialysis, however it is not what your want, what would you do? If you will feel scared when you doctor said if you do not do dialysis, he would not take charge your i...more

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