A patient who avoids uremia without dialysis

Uremia is the last stage of chronic kidney disease, generally in this stage, most hospitals will choose dialysis to treat and finally cause to kidney transplant, while this treatment do have many side effects such as skin itching, nausea, vo...more

Alternative treatment to dialysis-toxin-removing treatment.

Speaking of dialysis, i believe that everyone will feel scared. Because there are much pain of doing dialysis such as nausea, skin itching, and fatigue, let alone the frequency of dialysis will become another expensive cost for many families...more

Lucky boy who get rid of dialysis with CKD

There was a boy, whose name is Li Peng, 17 years old. He had kidney disease two years ago. Through kinds of therapies, he almost has gave up his hope. Until one day, a friend of his father told him that he had had the same disease and illnes...more

New therapy to avoid dialysis for patients with nephrotic syndrome

Takun, who comes from Mauritius, 19years old. She is a beautiful girl, unluckily, having nephrotic syndrome 2 years ago. she should have played with others and went to school in 19 years old. But illness take away her good looks and dialysis...more

Can CKD Avoid Dialysis

Dialysis like a nightmare for patients with CKD. It influences our life quality seriously. So, is there any way to avoid dialysis?...more

Alternative to Dialysis for Kidney Failure Patients in China

In China, are there any alternative to dialysis for patients with chronic kidney failure? In most countries, dialysis or kidney transplant will become the only choice for kidney failure patients. However, there are many patients are trying...more

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