Is Osmotherapy Advisable for Dialysis Patients

Nowadays, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is becoming more and more popular among kidney disease patients around the whole world. However, is osmotherapy advisable for dialysis patients? Firstly, you should understand that how Micro-Chin...more

Can Patient Refuse to Accept Dialysis will Die

When patients step into kidney failure, they have to accept dialysis which can replace kidneys to execute renal function which is eliminating toxic substance, wastes, metabolites to sustain their life. Though dialysis is important for patie...more

How to Increase Urine of Dialysis Patients

The reduction in urine volume can be a very common thing for dialysis patients. What can that tell? And how to help increase urine for dialysis patients? If you are interested in this topic, we do believe you can be benefited here. Dialysis...more

Better Choice for CKD Patients to Get Rid of the Dialysis

The CKD is a serious disease, and if it has not the effective control, the CKD will worsen to the kidney failure. So some CKD patients choose to do the dialysis, however, they find that the dialysis is not a good choice for them, and they w...more

Natural Remedies for Acute Kidney Failure without Dialysis

I am so sorry for you be diagnosed with the acute kidney failure, and I also know that most of the kidney failure patients are not willing to do the dialysis. So they try their best to find other natural remedies to replace the dialysis. An...more

Alternative Treatment of Dialysis for the fsgs Patients with Creatinine 5.6

Fsgs is one of the difficult kidney disease, and the fsgs patients always have a high creatinine, which means a lot of the kidney functions lost. While in the western country, when the fsgs patients with creatinine 5.6 go to the hospital, t...more

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