Effective Treatments Beside Dialysis for Kidney Failure Patients with Swollen Legs and Feet

Swollen is recognized as an obvious symptom of the kidney failure, and the swollen always appear in the leg and the foot. When appear the swollen, the doctors always suggest the kidney failure patients to do the dialysis. Due to the pains a...more

Is the Dialysis be Avoided by Medical Herbs for the Stage 5 CKD Patients

Some patients have heard that the Chinese medial herbs have a strong effects in treating the difficult diseases. So most of the stage 5 CKD patients are interested in if the dialysis can be avoided by the medical herbs? Now I will give you...more

Chinese Herbs for Stage 4 CKD Patients to Replace Dialysis

As a kidney disease doctor in china, there are a lot of the CKD patients around us. And most of them tell me that the dialysis just like a nightmare to them. Even they are suffering from serious symptoms and worsen to the stage CKD, they st...more

How to Control Creatinine Raise for the Kidney Failure Patients with Dialysis

Why my creatinine raise continually even I do the dialysis ? One of the kidney failure patients complaint it to me. I agree more their mood, and I want to help them. next I will share something useful about the creatinine and the dialysis w...more

Fever Treatment at Home for PKD Patients with Dialysis

Most of the PKD patients will suffer form the fever after the dialysis, and they know it is a side effect of the dialysis. So they are trying their best to find a home treatment. Why the PKD patients will appear the fever after the dialysis...more

Effects of High Creatinine in Body for the Kidney Failure Patients with Dialysis

All the kidney failure patients with dialysis know that the creatinine is an important sign of the kidney disease. And they are eager to know the effects of the high creatinine in their body. Effects of high creatinine in body for the kidne...more

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