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Can FSGS with Proteinuria Be Cured

Can FSGS with proteinuria be cured? For patients with this autoimmune disease, immune complex deposit on the glomerular capillary loops and cause the damage of the epithelial cells. The damaged epithelial cells turn into the myofibroblast w...more

Can I Avoid Kidney Biopsy in Diagnosis of FSGS

In most cases, biopsy is common treatment to diagnosis FSGS, but, it also is a traumatic one. This may be the primary reason that all of patients want to avoid it. Is there any treatment to avoid kidney biopsy? FSGS is a kind of kidney dise...more

When Do FSGS Patients Need Dialysis and Kidney Transplant

As a patient with FSGS, you may be wondering when dialysis and kidney transplant is needed. Here we will talk about this issue, and hope you can learn about something from the following content. Generally speaking, dialysis or kidney transp...more

The life Expectancy of FSGS on Dialysis

Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis is one of leading causes of Nephrotic Syndrome. It is characterized with large amount of proteinuria, serious swelling. With the progressive of kidney disease, patients would seek for a treatment to slow d...more

An Excellent Answer to Life Expectancy for FSGS Patients

Among so many types of kidney disease, FSGS is a little difficult to treat. So the life expectancy for FSGS patients becomes a topic commonly cared about by people. Here we will give you an excellent answer to life expectancy for FSGS patie...more

What Should Parents Having Child with FSGS Do

FSGS affects both adults and children, and nowadays this autoimmune disease has already become a common cause for kidney failure. Once it affects child with low immunity, parents will undoubtedly feel very, very worried. Here we will give p...more


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