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Life Expectancy for Patients with FSGS

What is the life expectancy for patients with FSGS? It is a common question cared about by patients, especially when they are suffering from some obvious symptoms or their conditions develop to a severe stage. It is easy for us to understan...more

Can Stage 3 FSGS Be Cured

FSGS refers to the certain length of capillary vessels is damaged in glomerulus partly. For stage 3 FSGS patients, they are still in the reversed period and they can live a healthy life as common people through improving their kidney functi...more

The Life Expectancy for Creatinine 7.4 on FSGS without Dialysis

FSGS is a immune disease, once patients are diagnosed with FSGS, dialysis is quite necessary to eliminate the toxic substance in the body. But, is the life expectancy really could be prolonged by dialysis? To a certain degree, dialysis take...more

How to Improve the Prognosis of FSGS with 15 % Kidney Function

Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis is a kind of Nephrotic Syndrome. As the kidney disease progresses, some symptoms will occur such as serious swelling, proteinuria and blood in urine. Thereby, you need to pay attention to health life sty...more

Do FSGS Patients Have to Receive Kidney Transplant

In western medicine, there are nothing to do with FSGS patients but waiting for dialysis and finally to kidney transplant. Of cause kidney transplant is a better way to treat FSGS. It have got success in treating kidney failure and expend p...more


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