Our Special Drugs

Shijiazhuang Health Union Hospital uses some unique Chinese medications to treat kidney disease. For example, edelweiss herb, diverse colour cinquefoil, jinchan flower , snow lotus herb, Chinese peashrub root, persimmon leaf, rhizoma dioscoreae nipponicae, hydrocotyle asiatica, humifuse euphorbia herb, common achyranthes, catchweed bedstraw herb, hairyvein agrimony and so on. We dare to say that you have never been treated with these medications in your local hospitals.

Some Chinese patent medicines like sinomenine, Zhi Xiong capsule, pentoxifylline, total glucosides of paeony, maren capsule, nephrotic syndrome capsule, uremic capsule, Mai Kang capsule will also be used.

You can ask kidney specialists in any large hospitals that whether they have heard about these medicines and whether they can use these medications.

Some western medicines are also used to coordinate and assist during the process of treatment. But we use interleukinⅡ, r-interferon and 18 kinds of amino acid which those specialists in big hospitals have not used in the clinic.

When treating your kidney disease, Shijiazhuang Health Union Hospital probably also uses Junker, rituximab, Basiliximab, defibrase, Infliximab, abatacept. You can ask those specialists in other hospitals whether they know how to use these medicines.

Our Special Therapy

Our Special Therapy

Our Special Inspection

Our Special Inspection

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