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Islamic Association Vice-Chairman Visits Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicin

On 17th October, Hui guizhi, Islamic Association Vice-Chairman in Hebei Province visits our hospital, he said to the General Manager Cao that i had been gone to many hospitals, your hospital is the best, though it is just a private hospital...more

A Foreign chronic kidney failure patient avoid dialysis successfully.

EFNDI is a patient with chronic kidney failure patient, one month ago, he came to China for treatment carrying with the hope of receiving a good curative effect in here. So do you want to know his effects after one month of Chinese medicine ...more

How to Avoid dialysis for Patients with PKD?

As we all know that PKD is a genetic disease, one of parents have PKD, the rate of their children have this disease is higher than others. If not controlled properly, it would cause to serious renal damage and then dialysis will be the only ...more

Experiencing Chinese Traditional Culture, Foreign patients Celebrate Mid-autumn Festival Together in

On the Mid-autumn Festival Eve, it is hilarious in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital for more than 50 patients abroad are expressing their appreciation with their own language to doctors and nurses. All of them received the traditional fo...more

Wish of Teacher’s Day for a Foreign Patient in China: Give a Meaningful Class in the Mid-autumn Fes

“I am surprised,I never thought that i would receive a bunch of fresh flowers and gifts and blessing of my students far from Moscow, and i should have ended up this day bland.” Daria said excitedly in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospit...more

Give you a miracle in half a month for patients with PKD

Li is a patient with PKD, one day, she found her urine is black suddenly, she was scared, her husband persuade his wife to go to hospital to achieve treatment, his wife said that no hospital i can believe, i have treated for many years in ma...more

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