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Fight against purpura nephropathy with Toxin-removing treatment

Qi qi is an outgoing little girl, however she had purpura nephropathy for taking barbeque, at the night, she felt uncomfortable for nausea,diarrhea and spots in the legs. Therefore, her parents carrying with her went to local hospital, the t...more

Toxin-removing treatment help patients with PKD reduce kidney cysts

Uncle Fan is a patient with PKD, who comes from Jiang su, a province in China, his mother and brother is died from PKD. Seeing his abdomen belly day by day, he feel afraid that he would have the same results with his mother and brother, so h...more

Toxin-removing treatment help lupus nephritis patients get ride of swelling

Xiao qing is a patient with Lupus nephritis, most kidney disease patients seems the same with normal people,however. Lupus nephritis patients are different. They will have butterfly rash spattered in the legs or any other parts of body....more

Dream-ture action-lower protein and occult blood for patients with nephrotic syndrome

Xiao Wei, is a 17-years old boy, swelling appears for having a cold, so he went local hospital to do test, the results show that the proteinuria is 3+, occult blood is 3+,24hUPr is 6.9g, kidney function is normal, and diagnosed as nephrotic ...more

The Toxin-Removing Therapy for a Kidney Failure Patient Reduce Creatinine

Kidneys are the organ to filter toxins and waste in blood and kidney intrinsic cells. So, once the kidneys damaged, the kidney function will be affected and lots of harmful substances will accumulate in blood. Thus cause kind of kidney disea...more

Diet principles for patients with PKD.

Recently, the topic of how to nourish our body by daily diet habits turns to be hotter and hotter. Well what should patients with PKD attention on the diet,let’s learn about it togather....more

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