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Toxin-removing Treatment Make Purpura Nephritis More Easy to Treat

We used this idea to treat this little girl, the results are good. So if you have interests to our treatment, you can contact us,we will always here for help...more

Say NO to Dialysis for Patients With Purpura Nephritis

Xiao Yu is a child, who just nine years old. Unluckily, she had purpura nephritis in 2006. Then her disease is not so serious, her protein urine is 3+, through western medicine treatment, though the protein in urine isn’t disappear thoroug...more

Toxin removing treatment make proteinuria and occult blood turn to negative for patients with lupus n

    Mrs. Zhang comes from China,Sichuan province, in 2014, systemic edema appears. So she went to local hospital to do physical test, the result shows that her urine protein is 3+, occult blood 2+,serum creatinine 109, and diagnosed...more

Find a way to lower high blood pressure and treat kidney disease.

“Why my high blood pressure can’t be lowered by taking medicine?” Mrs.zhang asked. I believe this is not only her problem, but also a problem of all patients with kidney disease. So it is really so difficult to lower high blood pressur...more

Toxin-removing Treatment help to reduce creatinine from 1330umol/l to 434umol/l

Because of uremia, he is sentenced to death in local hospital and told that in the rest life, he can only maintain life through dialysis. So he went to China for treatment carrying with hope....more

Kidney Function Recovering with Toxin-removing Treatment for PKD Patients

Aunt Gao is a patient with PKD, who has 30 years history of kidney disease. While through our Toxin-removing treatment, not only her urine volume increases but discharges out much stone....more

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