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Get Ride of Dialysis with Toxin-removing Treatment in One Month

Through one-month fight against kidney disease, he finally get ride of dialysis .so what has this patients experienced?...more

Toxin-removing Treatment Help Kidney Disease Patients Get Ride of Protein Recurrence.

The whole family was shroud in the grief of dear son’s disease. They went to many hospitals, but without effects, they almost spend all money on the expensive hospitalization cost. His father smokes everyday and his mother always weep in t...more

Reducing Urine Protein from 4+ to - with Toxin-removing Treatment

Hormone has been used for half a hundred years, we had to say that it is effective, but at the same time, it also has many side effects. But in this way, the illness condition always repeat....more

How to Treat swelling Repeat with Toxin-removing Treatment.

Two months ago, swelling attacked Liu, who is just a fresh man in college. Then he thout it is for too tired, and didn’t pay attention to it. However, swelling didn’t disappear, so she decided to come to local hospital to do test, the re...more

Save the Other Kidney With the Forth One Treatment

A call from aboard comes, this is EILEEN, now I feel good, no pain medication and even can go to work, the life is ease and sound....more

How to reduce urine protein and blood sugar level for patients with diabetic nephropathy.

Diabetic nephropathy is a common secondary kidney disease, which is caused by diabetes. When the diabetes patients’ blood viscosity caused to the stasis pf kidney micro-circulation, it will form diabetic nephropathy. So the key to treat th...more

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