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24UPr of a patient with diabetic nephropathy reduced to 5.05 from 14.5 in ten days!

Mr. Zhang is a general manager of a company, who always be busy with kinds of dinner parties and things in business. Because of these things, he had diabetic in a young age, then doctors told him that diabetic is a chronic kidney disease,whi...more

Get Ride of Dialysis for Patients with PKD in Four Month

We all know that PKD is a genetic disorder, which is incurable, however, with effective treatment, it can be under the control. There was a patient in our hospital, for the right choose, now, she can play with her grandson. While one year ag...more

Toxin-removing Treatment for PKD

Mrs.Song, who comes from Jilin province, in china. Five years ago, she went to local hospital for fatigue. Then her blood pressure is 140/100mmHg, serum creatinine level is 140umol/L, urine protein+, occult blood+, no symptom as two lower li...more

How to Reduce Protein Level From 1+ to - Through Toxin-removing Treatment

May be you have no idea about toxin-removing treatment, however, through our years of studies, it does have obvious curative effects....more

How to treat nephrotic syndrome effectively.

All kinds of kidney disease is a torment for us since it not only take away our wonderful life, but also take us much of time and money on treatment. Is it really no way to control it well? How to treat it effectively?...more

How to reduce urine protein from 4+ to +- for patients with nephortic syndrome

School is a place that most of child want to flee, while for some childs, who have kidney disease and need stay at school for a long time, going to school become an extravagant hope. Little Wang is one of them, so, what has he experienced?...more

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