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Treatment for reducing swelling for patients with nephortic syndrome.

I believe that all patients with serious swelling understand the pain it bring into life like usually we can feel our leg leak out of water, unable to move freely caused by fat figures even only can lie down on the bed. So ,is there any way ...more

How to reduce 24UPr 2.20 to 0.7 for patients with nephortic syndrome.

Kidney disease is a horrible disease,which not only need spend much time and money, but also need enough rest, which is meaning that you will have not enough ability to make earning. So is there any way to treat kidney disease and let life r...more

Reducing urine protein quantitation from 5.01g to 3.56g with nephrotic syndrome patients

This aunt is 47 years old, who has nephrotic syndrome for many years. In these years, she has gone through kinds of therapies, but no effect. She has gave up hope already until one day she heard a news that one of her friend had had this dis...more

Farther therapy in China with characteristic TCM

patient's therapy experience in home and abroad. ...more

A Patient’ Story with Diabetic Nephropathy

a patient who come from UAE is diagnosed as diabetic nephropathy came to our hospital which is Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital that focus on kidney disease with Chinese herbal medicines one moth ago. When he first came to our hospital,...more

Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine---Another Warm Home of the Kidney Disea

Today is August 15, the Mid-Autumn festival, which is an important festival in China. In this day, the family members united together, enjoy the glorious full moon and eat the moon cake. In xuaxia kidney disease hospital, there are a lot of...more

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