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Natural Remedies for PKD Patients with Back Pain

Most of the PKD patients have told me that they fell back pain, which has impacted their normal lives seriously. And they eager to know why they can suffer form the back pain and if there any natural remedies can deal with the back pain and...more

Why the PKD Patients with Dialysis Suffer from the Itch Skin

Some PKD patients compliant that they suffer from the itch skin after the dialysis, which impact their normal life seriously. They cant work well and even sleep well, so as a result, they are eager to know the reasons for itch skin and the...more

Natural Treatment to Shrink Cysts for PKD Patients with High Creatinine

The cysts covering on the kidney are the main reasons to cause the PKD, and once the patients are diagnosed with CKD, it is difficult for them to cure. And the high creatinien is an obvious features of the PKD. So I believe that, every PKD p...more

Does Cysts on the Kidney Raise Creatinine Level for the PKD Patients

As we all know, there are so many different size cysts covering on the kidney for PKD patients. And they want to know if the cysts on the kidney can raise the creatinine level? Follow me, and find the answer. Does cysts raise the cretainine...more

Natural Ways to Reduce the High Creatinine Level Like 5.0 for PKD Patients

Due to the damages of the kidney, almost all the PKD patients are facing to the high creatinine. And without to say, they must have found some kind of the ways to reduce their high creatinine 5.0. while, some ways once be stopped, the creat...more

How to Slow Down the Growth of Cysts on the Kidney for PKD Patients

The PKD is a genetic kidney disease, which is helpless to the patients. the typical feature of the PKD is that most of the cysts covering on the surface of the kidney, which prevent the kidney absorbing the useful substance and discharging...more


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