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How to control high blood pressure for PKD patients?

The goal of PKD treatment is to manage symptoms. Controlling high blood pressure is the most important part of treatment in PKD. Well, how to control high blood pressure? Read through the article, and you can find the treatment for high bloo...more

Whether Kidney Transplant is the Best Treatment for Polycystic Kidney Disease or not?

Is kidney transplant the best treatment for polycystic kidney disease(PKD)? PKD bothers many families and brings many sufferings to them, so they are eager to find a treatment to relieve their pain. However, up to now there is no specific tr...more

How to effect for PKD using Chinese Medicines?

As we have known, Chinese Medicine has outstanding effects on treating kidney disease. Since polycystic kidney disease is an inherited kidney disease in which multiple cysts develop in kidneys, surgery is not a proper treatment. This is beca...more

How to remove cysts in kidney for PKD patients?

As we all know, PKD is a genetic kidney disorder, which abnormal cysts develop and grow in the kidneys. Although the disease is inherited, it can be treated well and live a high quality life if the patients take proper treatment. How to remo...more

can patinets with pkd take black tea

Black tea is a common daily drink and drink tea is able to eliminate fatigue and refresh, strengthen your bones as well as age defying. We know polycystic kidney disease patients and other kidney disease patients not only have a limited diet...more

Is It Possible for Patients with PKD to Drink Coca Cola?

Is cola good for Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD) patients? Cola is one common drink in our daily life and loved by many people, particularly young people. However, when people unfortunately suffer from kidney disease such as PKD, can they sti...more


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