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Treatment for Blood And Protein in Urine with PKD

Blood and protein in urine are typical symptoms of PKD which is a kind of genetic kidney disease. Some patients choose operation which is the most direct method as their treatment. But operation just for big cysts which are eliminated can i...more

How Long Can A Patient Who Have Polycystic Kidney Disease Stage 4 Live

PKD is a kind of genetic kidney disease which have high relapse rate. According to the data of creatinine, GFR, CcR, PKD can be classified into 5 stages. Some patients are worried about their life span, it hard to say, how long can a patien...more

Life Expectancy of Polycystic Kidney Disease

PKD is a kind of genetic kidney disease, if patients accept treatment in time, the illness is not fatal disease. But PKD has high relapse rate if the treatment such as operation just for symptoms instead root treatment. What treatment can c...more

Treatment for Polycystic Kidney Disease with A Natural Way

PKD is a kind of hereditary kidney disease, the kidneys are full of cysts. Nowadays, patients are pursuing natural and healthy way. The common treatment are western medicines which just for symptoms relieving and operation which just for cy...more

How to Lower Creatinine Levels of PKD Naturally

High creatinine which means toxic substances, wastes, metabolites are deposited in human body is a common symptom of kidney disease such as PKD. Usually the treatment for high creatinine is western medicines if the illness is not serious. O...more

What Does Kidney Function of 38 with PKD Mean?

According to the data of creatinine, GFR, CcR, kidney disease such as PKD which has heredity can be classified into 5 stages. Creatinine 38 is stage 3. In 3rd stage of PKD, the illness still has possibility to be reversed if patients accept...more


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