1. Treatment cost and hospital charges in Shijiazhuang Health Union Hospital

The hospital charges for accommodation, nursing care, examination, etc are same for every patient. As to the treatment cost, it can be different from case to case. It depends on patients’ own condition and what kinds of treatments will be chosen. According to our experience, we can tell that your rough total cost is 15,000-20,000USD.

Hospital charges

1.The caring service cost is about 67-83$ one day;

2.The total examination cost is 1000$;


Accommodation Per day charges ($)
Common room 50
Better room 64
Best room 86

Chinese Medicine Treatment cost

Chinese treatment options Charges ($)
Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Common prescription: 25/dosage*4dosages/d=100/d
Ziche prescription: 36/dosage*4dosages/d=144/d
Medicated Bath 25/dose + nursing care= 36.7
Foot Bath 3/dose
Chinese Medicine Enema Therapy 1.33/dose
Oral Chinese Medicine 1.66/dose
Mai-Kang Composition 16/bottle

Blood purification charges

Types Per Time Charges ($)
Hemodialysis 78.3
Dialysis+Filtration 121.6
High Throughput 108.3
HVHF 121.6
Hemoperfusion 330-2 640
HA130 276.1
HA230 401.8
HA280 471.1
HA330 531.8
Bedside Hemofiltration 842.3/12hours 786.3/10hours
Plasma Exchange 1304.1+protein amount=1500

2.How long will the treatment last?

Well, there is no an exact answer, it depends on patients’ own conditions. According to our clinical experience, foreign patients stay in our hospital for about one month.

3.What extent can we treat your kidney disease to?

If your disease is in the inflammation stage (CKD stage 1-CKD stage2), we are able to let you reverse to health.

If your disease is in the kidney damage stage or renal fibrosis formation period (CKD stage 3-CKD stage4), we can only promise you there has 50% possibility to cure your disease.

If your disease is in the advanced stage of kidney failure or scarring stage (CKD stage5), we can only stop your disease get worsening, then you can have a high-quality life.

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4.Will return visit be needed after I am discharged from the hospital?

Well, it depends on your condition. After you return home, the medical staff will contact you regularly to record your state of illness, supervise and urge you to receive treatment on time, adjust treatment plan according to your medical condition, etc. If necessary, you need to come back to have a return visit; If your condition always keeps stable or becomes better and better, then you do not need to come back to have a return visit, our medical staff will keep giving you definitive guidances.

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