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The Tests to Diagnose Whether is Kidney Failure or Not

If kidney disease patients have a lot of symptoms or discomforts, they may be suspected to develop into kidney failure. To diagnose whether they have kidney failure, some tests are needed to do. If you have a similar problem, read on to find...more

how much water should kidney failure patients take

Some patients may suffer from dehydration, which is mainly caused by drinking less water. So they are eager to know can patients with kidney failure drink more water....more

What Does It Mean When Kidney Functions Leveled off

Kidneys are responsibility for excreting wastes products, adjusting internal secretion and balancing water-electrolyte and so on. so with the kidney function level off, patients would suffer more and more complications and symptoms with the...more

Can Urinary Obstruction Cause Kidney Failure

Urinary refers to the way from renal pelvis to the urethral mouth for excreting urine. Any lesion in any parts of the way can influence the urination, leafing to urinary obstruction. The obstructed urine flow can cause pressure to the upper...more

Can Creatinine 3.3 in Stage 2 Kidney Failure be Brought down to Normal Range

The elevated creatinine is the important sign of kidney damage. Patients with elevated creatinine will suffer from some symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, anemia and headache. So patients are wondering is there any treatment to bring down...more

Can Patients with Kidney Failure Eat Pineapple

Pineapple gains a wide popularity among people with kidney disease due to its good taste and medical values. While, can patients with FSGS est pineapple? If you have the same doubt, you can talk it with our online doctor directly. What are...more

Kidney Failure

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