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Can Stag 2 Kidney Failure be Reversed by Traditional Chinese Medicine

Stage 2 kidney failure is the early stage of kidney disease. Patients who are at this stage do not experience some obvious symptoms. Because of this, patients have a lot hope to get reversed. What can be done to reverse stage 2 kidney failu...more

How to Improve Prognosis of Kidney Failure in the Elderly

Generally, the prognosis of kidney failure is bad. But, it also depends on patients own illness condition. The improvement of prognosis of kidney failure is significant, especially for patients in elderly. The health kidneys perform many re...more

How to Reduce Creatinine 1.4 on Stage 1-2 Kidney Failure

I got asked a lot about creatinine. Many patients do not know that what causes high creatinine level, and how to reduce it on kidney failure, this article will explain how to reduce it on stage 1-2 kidney failure. What does creatinine 1.4 m...more

Chinese Medicine for Improving Kidney Function in Stage 1-2 Kidney Failure

Once patients diagnosed with kidney failure, it is very hard to reverse, but, it does not mean that it can not be improved, then again, stage 1-2 kidney failure is the early stage of kidney failure, you have a lot of hope to get reversed wi...more

Can Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy reversed Stage 1-2 Kidney Failure

If I have stage 1-2 kidney failure, is there any treatment can help me to reversed it? Many patients asked me this kind of questions. This article will introduce it in details. You also can click here to consult our online doctor directly....more

Can Stage 1 and 2 Kidney Failure Patients Eat Papaya

Stage 1 and 2 kidney failure patients is the early stage of the kidney failure. Patients do not have serious condition, but patients also need to pay attention to the risk factors that can threaten patients life. and then can stage 1 and 2...more

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