kidney disease

New treatment idea-treating kidney after cleaning the blood for CKD

Do you know why you hve this disease? Do you know why your kidney disease is difficult to cure? Do you know why your illness always recurrence and repeated? Follow me , maybe i can give you answers....more

Stage 3 Kidney Failure Life Expectancy with Dialysis

When people have disease such as kidney disease especially in kidney failure, they are worried about their life expectancy. Usually, patients are suggested to take some western medicines whose medical effect can be seen in a short time, but...more

Kidney Failure with Low Blood Pressure after Dialysis

Why my mother always appear the low pressure after the dialysis? and how can I help her? One of the kidney failure patients daughter asked me this question. I think most of the kidney failure patients have the same symptom after the dialysi...more

Does Bubbles in Urine Mean the Kidney Disease

Some of people found a strange phenomenon that a lot of the bubbles in the urine, so they want to know, it is a normal phenomenon or is the sign of the kidney disease. In view of your worry, I will discuss the questions with you. The reason...more

How to Treat Swollen Foot in Stage 3 Kidney Failure with Chinese Medicine

Swollen foot is a common symptom of Kidney Failure, it is related with the water retention and release of protein. The swollen foot lead to the numbness feelings and influence the normal movement of patients, lowering the life quality of pa...more

ls Colorless Urine a Symptom of Stage 3 Kidney Failure

Generally speaking, the normal color of the urine should be faint yellow. The color of urine usually refers to the lifestyle and physical condition. Urologists have stated that clear or colorless urine is produced when a persons water intak...more

Kidney Failure

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