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Is Apple Cider Vinegar Helpful for Stage 3 Kidney Failure Patients

Apple Cider vinegar has been consumed to deal with various kidney disease, since the ancient time. Because apple cider vinegar contains lots of nutrition, but is apple cider vinegar helpful for stage 3 kidney failure patients. First, what i...more

Whether Smoking Has a Bad Impact in Stage 3 CKD

There are more and more people addicting to smoking, and once people are interested in smoking, it is difficult to quit it. And there are an old saying having a cigarette after dinner, the feeling is better than immortals. People want to re...more

Can stage 3 Kidney Failure Patients Drink Cranberry Juice

Stage 3 Kidney Failure refers to your kidney functions have been moderately lost. A healthy diet can help you avoid further kidney damage. So lots of patients may want to know whether stage 3 Kidney Failure patients can drink cranberry juic...more

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