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Dialysis is the common treatment for stage 5 ofkidney failure

Dialysis is the common treatment for stage 5 ofkidney failure. It can replace kidneys to execute renal function to sustain patients life. It has no exact answer to reply that how long a patient live, because different patients have differen...more

Is There A Cure for Kidney Failure

At present, kidney failure has been one common and big problem for people all over the world. Some patients even think kidney failure is one death sentence for them. Is it true? Is there a cure for kidney failure patients? Before searching...more

How Long Can Patients Live Once the Kidneys Shut Down

Hello. I have a question regarding Kidney Failure. Once the kidneys shut down, how long are you able to survive without treatment? My uncle was told that his kidneys have shut down just the other day. He is 56 yrs and has high blood pressur...more

Can Kidney Failure Patients Drink Coffee

Can a kidney failure patient drink coffee? Coffee, as a common beverage, is loved by most people. It can stimulate the brain cortex, eliminate drowsiness, regulate heart functions and dilate blood vessels and diuretic effect, etc. Therefore...more

Is It Good For Kidney Failure Patients Drink Almond Tea

Almond tea is replacement product of milk which has many healthy benefits and is loved by many people. However, kidney disease patients must have a tightly restricted diet due to their special healthy conditions. Therefore, many kidney dysf...more

What is the New Treatment for Failed Kidney Transplant Patient

What is the new treatment for failed Kidney Transplantpatient? There is a patient after kidney transplant told us that his transplanted kidney does not work. So what should he do now? Call for ONLINE DOCTOR. From his words we should know ab...more

Kidney Failure

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