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Can Patients With 15% Kidney Function Avoid Dialysis In China

In general, patients with 15% kidney function begin or have begun dialysis. Dialysis is the most common treatment for kidney disease. However, due to various reasons, many patients want to avoid dialysis. Is it possible for kidney function 1...more

Does Stage 5 Renal Failure Mean Death

In renal failure, many patients think their life is in the end stage, they have no hope to live. Though most of them accept dialysis, its side effects which make them feel nausea, vomit, feeble, they have no power to do what they want, their...more

How to Increase Urine Output Naturally in End Stage of Hypertensive Nephropathy

In end stag of kidney disease such as hypertensive nephropathy which is a disorder that is usually associated with chronic hypertension. Many patients have no urine output any more in this stage....more

how to Treatment Of Nausea In End Stage Renal Disease

Nausea as one of common symptom of end stage renal disease, a serious kidney damage. Then what is the treatment of nausea associated with renal failure? For this question, you should first know what causes are of nausea in renal failure. 1....more

The Average Life Expectancy for Renal Failure Patients on Dialysis

Once patients are diagnosed with kidney failure, dialysis should be applied. And patients are eager to know how long can they live with kidney failure on dialysis....more

Why Patients Feel Nausea and Vomiting in Renal Failure

In kidney failure, patients have symptom of nausea and vomit, because they have lose protein, metabolic acidosis, the patients’ four limbs and gastrointestinal tract is edema and gastrointestinal tract is dysfunction, so some patients have...more

Kidney Failure

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