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Can Kidney Failure 5 Stage Patients Get Ride of Dialysis

5 stage of kidney failure means that kidney has been damaged seriously. In most countries, they will choose dialysis to control illness condition, however, dialysis have many side effects such as vomiting, nausea, skin itching and so on. So ...more

Getting Ride of Dialysis Will not be a Dream for Patients with Kidney Failure 5 Stage

Like a nightmare, dialysis not only has many side effects like nausea, vomiting,skin-itching and so on, but also its frequency make patients almost want to kill themselves. So is there any treatment can let kidney failure 5 stage patients ge...more

Can patients with kidney failure 5 stage get ride of dialysis?

Can patients with kidney failure 5 stage get ride of dialysis? I believe this question must be asked by many kidney disease people. Dialysis also is torturing many people. So, is there really not a yes for this question? I think it is NO....more

The Related Information about Prognosis of Kidney Failure

Once patients are diagnosed with kidney failure, they often do not effectively control the condition in short time. Thus long term nursing is necessary for patients. Even under the stable condition, patients also should have regulate check u...more

How long do patients with kidney failure live? Can dialysis or kidney transplant cure kidney failure?

If patients with kidney failure do not treat the condition timely, it will develop uremia. At that time, not only increase the difficulty of treatment, but also the cost of treatment. Therefore, how long do patients with kidney failure live?...more

For patients who want to get rid of dialysis, the doctor gives some details about the treatment

Kidney failure is a kind of chronic kidney disease, which will be developed uremia if patients do not treat the condition in time. Therefore, what the patients do if they are in stage 5? Is there any other remedy to solve this condition with...more

Kidney Failure

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