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Is there any alternative treatment for kidney failure patients without dialysis or kidney transplant?

For some patients with serious complications and GFR is less than 15%, it is necessary to do dialysis or accept kidney transplant. But they are different. And dialysis will maintain long time during the process of treatment. However, is ther...more

Natural way to treat kidney failure

Nowadays, natural treatments has been gained much prominence in the world, therefore, many patients have chosen it in the wide range of kidney disease treatment. And, patients are wondering that how can we treat kidney failure with natural t...more

How to Reverse the Condition of ESRD to Avoid Dialysis?

Maybe you know, many patients with kidney disease often do not care about their condition at the beginning, that is to say, when their condition is not serious, they ignore the treatment. However, after the condition developed to kidney fail...more

If patients in last stage kidney disease, what should they do?

Kidney failure is the last stage of the kidney disease, also called End Stage Kidney Disease. To delay the progression of kidney disease, or prolong the life of patients, it is necessary to take some measures for patients, which control the ...more

The diet principles for kidney failure patients after kidney transplant

Most post-transplant patients are eager to eat all the foods they have been avoided for years. No matter what the foods are high potassium, high phosphorus, high protein, etc all become possible in a post-transplant diet. However, post-trans...more

What Work Is Possible for Patients after Kidney Transplant?

Nursing after kidney transplant becomes very important to ensure a speedy recovery from kidney transplant surgery. However, there are many tips that may help a person increase his chances for a complete recovery and continuing health. Patien...more

Kidney Failure

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