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How to avoid dialysis for kidney failure patient

Dialysis is a kind of kidney disease treatment, however, it just can alternate kidney to work, it can not save kidney. so how to avoid dialysis for kidney failure patients ? If you want to know answers, you can contact me on whatsapp: +861...more

The Diet Principles after Kidney Transplant for Kidney Failure Patients

Patients with kidney failure experienced kidney transplant will have various changes. It is because that the long-term usage of immunosuppressant may influence the metabolism of body, which will affect the patients’ body. Therefore, patien...more

Is it Good for Patients with Kidney Failure Do Kidney Transplant?

It is common that once the patients are diagnosed with kidney failure, they are recommended to do kidney transplant or dialysis. Now I discuss the former one. What the advantage and disadvantage of kidney transplant?...more

Natural Treatment for Kidney Failure Patients without Dialysis

Chronic kidney disease refers to kidneys damaged which can not discharge the excess fluid and various toxins out of body. When the kidney disease develops into stage of kidney failure, it is the only choice for patients in many western count...more

Toxin-removing treatment for patients with kidney failure in five stage

For patients with kidney failure in five stage, most countrys will choose dialysis or transplant to treat, however, side effects of dialysis and kidney transplant make patients want to kill themselves. Many patients want to seek for some bet...more

How to make kidney restart to work for patients with kidney failure

When the kidney disease worsen to the kidney failure, the kidney may not work. So what should they do if the kidney failure patients are facing to this serious problem. Can the dialysis save their lives? May be the answer is “no”. Is the...more

Kidney Failure

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