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What Are the Dietary Principles for Kidney Failure Patients after Dialysis?

Kidney failure patients are sensitive to cause the symptoms of the kidney disease. Although they have taken the treatment, there is other method to protect the condition, such as have a good habit in daily life, like eating, sleeping, drinki...more

Do You Have Any Alternative Treatment for Stage 5 Kidney Failure Patients?

When patients in stage 5 kidney failure, the doctor will ask them to do dialyses or transplant, which can prolong their life in short time. However, many patients do not want to do dialysis nowadays. They want to find other treatment for kid...more

What Are The Reasons of Muscle Cramp for Kidney Failure Patients?

What causes muscle cramp in kidney failure? For this question, our experts explain that muscle cramp in kidney failure is caused by hypocalcemia or low calcium. In the following, we will give you the detailed information of hypocalcemia in k...more

The Favorable Food for Kidney Filaure Patients after Dialysis

When your kidneys cannot filter wastes out of the body, your doctor may recommend you do dialysis. With this treatment, diet plays an important role in helping control blood levels of certain nutrients. You should monitor sodium, potassium, ...more

toxin-removing treatment help patients with kidney failure avoid dialysis

Kidney failure is a kind of progressive kidney disease. In most cases, dialysis would be underwent to help patients live better. However, most of patients are wondering that how can they can kidney failure patients avoid dialysis. Because of...more

Is There Alternative Treatment on Stage 5 Kidney Failure with Creatinine 8.5?

Once one patient’s creatinine level is so high and GFR is lower than 15ml/min, when patients face alternative treatments, dialysis , kidney transplantation or natural treatment ?...more

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