kidney disease

Alternative of Dialysis for Diabetic Nephropathy with Renal Function 19% and Creatinine 3.2

“Can you help us? My dad is a diabetic patient for 20 years. Now his creatinine is 3.2 and renal function 19%. What should we do? Is there alternative of dialysis for him with renal function 19% and creatinine 3.2?”...

The Alternative of Dialysis to Reduce High Creatinine Level 6.4

When kidneys can not work normally, harmful substances and wastes will accumulate in the body. Doctor will ask patients to accept dialysis to reduce high creatinine and remove other excess wastes out of the body. Nowadays, due to various fac...

Do You Have Alternative of Dialysis for Renal Failure Patients with Creatinine 7.5

To be honest, although it is serious for renal failure patients with creatinine 7.5, there still is great chance to survive long life with proper and effective treatments without dialysis. Do you have alternative of dialysis for renal failur...

Kidney Disease

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