kidney disease

What is the correct way for Creatinine 1.9

Generally speaking, creatinine 1.9 for kidney disease patients is not much higher which is in CKD stage 2. Hence as a kidney disease patient, the treatment for kidney condition must be prompt and immediate. Otherwise, it will deteriorate....

What Kinds of Chinese Medicine Treatments Can Help Relieve Bubble Urine

In general, bubble urine can be considered as an important sign of kidney disorder. If there are large amount of bubble in urine, it may mean your kidneys are damaged so that make too much protein leak in to urine. Chinese medicine treatment...

Why Does Urea Nitrogen Increase

Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) is one of main indicators of renal functions. In medicine, blood urea nitrogen is usually used to reflect the urea level in blood. Urea being discharged from the body by kidney, if the urea level is higher than the ...

Natural Measures to Correct Creatinine 5.89 for CKD Patients

As we all know, chronic kidney disease is one disorder with slow progression, which kidney functions will be decreased more and more seriously. And excess waste substances and toxins will be accumulated in blood with damaged kidneys. High cr...

How Can I Slow Down the Progression of CKD

As we all know, CKD is one common kidney disease with the decline of kidney functions. In fact, there are so many treatments to prevent or slow down the progression of CKD, especially in the early stage and the middle stage. How can I slow d...

Is There A Natural Treatment For Patients with Creatinine 1.5

Creatinine is a major indicator for assessing kidney function. In normal case, kidneys are able to keep creatinine level in normal value range(0.5-1.2) by way of discharging excess creatinine out of body, while once your kidneys are damaged ...

Kidney Disease

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