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Can Stage 3 CKD with GFR 46 Be Reversed

can my kidney disease be reversed, if i have stage 3 CKD with GFR 46many patients ask me this kind of question. This article will explain it in detail. Chronic kidney disease , is a general version for kidney disease patients by contrast to...

Is Walking Helpful for Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

As long as patients with stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease, patients may do what they can do to slow down of the progression of the kidney disease. And then is walking helpful for stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease. A study revealed that walking c...

The Natural Treatment for Stage 3 CKD

Chronic Kidney Disease refers to the conditions that damages your kidneys and loses their abilities to work normally. And Chronic Kidney Disease can be divided into 5 stages according to different GFR level. Stage 3 CKD is the key stage, be...

The Newest Treatment for Stage 3 CKD:Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Chronic Kidney Disease can be divided into 5 stages on the basis of different GFR level. Stage 3 CKD refers to your GFR level is at range 30ml/min to 59ml/min, which is a sign that there is a moderate reclined in your kidney function. If tr...

Whether Smoking Has a Bad Impact in Stage 3 CKD

There are more and more people addicting to smoking, and once people are interested in smoking, it is difficult to quit it. And there are an old saying having a cigarette after dinner, the feeling is better than immortals. People want to re...

Treatment for Stage 3 CKD Patients with Creatinine 4.8 to Avoid Dialysis

Generally speaking, without a timely and effective treatment, stage 3 CKD patients with creatinine 4.8 is not far away from dialysis. But patients will suffer a lot from dialysis, and traditional medicines only can clean the toxins in blood...

How to Reduce High Creatinine Level on Stage 3 CKD

Many patients asked me the question that how to reduce high creatinine level on stage 3 CKD. Lets have a look together. In normal condition, ceatinine should be filtered out by kidneys. When the kidney function is damaged, creatinine will n...

Is It Serious for Stage 3 CKD Patients with Creatinine 2.6

Creatinine is important criteria to measure your kidney function. If you suffer from high creatinine level, you should see your doctor as soon as possible. What the kidneys job is to filter wastes and toxins. If your creatinine is higher th...

Kidney Disease

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