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How to Help Relieve Swelling for PKD with Stage 4 Kidney Failure

Swelling is a common symptom experienced by most of kidney disease patients. Without effective treatment controlling, it is difficult to be relived. For patients with stage 4 kidney failure with PKD, is there anything we can do to relive sw...

Why CKD Patients Have Swelling Symptom

Swelling is the most common symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), and it can create discomfort and cause workload to kidney. So, it is essential for CKD patients to know what causes this symptom. Do you want to know the answer? Read thro...

How to Treat swelling Repeat with Toxin-removing Treatment.

Two months ago, swelling attacked Liu, who is just a fresh man in college. Then he thout it is for too tired, and didn’t pay attention to it. However, swelling didn’t disappear, so she decided to come to local hospital to do test, the re...

Waistline reduced from 102cm to 82cm for patients with membranous nephropathy

Swelling is a typical symptom of kidney disease. It is not only influence the figure of the patient but also the daily life. So is there any effective way to eliminate swelling from the root?...

How to reduce the swelling for patients with nephortic syndrome?

I believe that slim figure is the dream of all girls, however, unluckily, swelling in the patients with kidney disease take away the dream. Is there really no way of treating this symptom?...

Natural Treatment for Swelling of Legs in FSGS

Is there a natural treatment for swelling of legs in FSGS? Well, we have to say the answer is Yes. If the swelling of legs in FSGS is severe enough, patients can even not stand up and walk. There is no doubt that patients bear lots of pains...

Kidney Disease

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