kidney disease

How to Keep Healthy Life Style to Avoid Kidney Failure

Patients who have kidney disease are afraid of kidney failure when their renal function will be almost lost. The patients should know some early symptoms of kidney failure: 1 Different patients have different symptoms, usually, they have an...

Patients should Eat More Fruits and Vegetables in Kidney Failure

Kidneys are the organs that help filter waste products from blood. They are also involved in regulating blood pressure, electrolyte balance, and red blood cell production in the body. Symptoms of kidney failure are due to the build-up of wa...

Is Creatinine Level 2.8 a Serious Problem for Patients with CKD?

Here is a case of the creatinine 2.8, is it a serious problem for patients with chronic kidney disease?...

Can IgA Nephropathy Patients with Creatinine 5.6 Avoid Dialysis

IgA Nephropathy is a kind of immune kidney disorder, which makes patients experience high creatinine level easily. Although dialysis is commonly used in patients with high creatinine level, it makes patients experience lots of adverse effec...

Can Patients with IgA Nephropathy be Treated with Herbs

Can patients with IgA Nephropathy be treated with herbs? This question concerns most of patients. Do you have this kind of doubt, if so, please send your present condition and phone number to kidneyhospitalabroad@hotmail.com . We will try o...

The Therapies for Reducing Creatinine 8.5 with IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy is a kind of immune related kidney disease, it is caused by the deposition of IgA proteins in the kidneys. As a result, the kidneys function would be affected by the accumulation of IgA proteins in the body. And patients beg...

Natural remedies for Diabetic Nephropathy

Natural remedies have no side effects and can be taken for a long time. Therefore, they receive the favor of more and more people with chronic diseases, including the Diabetic Nephropathy patients. Here are some natural remedies for Diabetic...

New Polycystic Kidney Disease Treatment: Osmotherapy

WhatisthenewPolycysticKidneyDiseasetreatment?Asweallknow,thereisnoacureforPKD,butweareherehelpingeveryPKDpatientliveabetterlifewithoutdialysis andkidneytransplant.TheapplicationofMicro-ChineseMedicineOsmotherapybringsPKDpatientsnewhopes. Ho...

Kidney Disease

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